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Does your plant have an organized Quality Program?

Our plant has ISO 9001 certification. We carry out both internal and external audits every year to verify that we comply with requirements defined in ISO international standards, and determine the effectiveness of our quality management system. We have defined procedures for controlling inspections of our hydrant valves , fire nozzles, and fire fighting products, quality documentation, and test equipment calibration. We also have formalized internal procedures for dealing with non-conformities occurred in the system. The procedures consist of identifying non-conformities, investigating their causes, and implementing appropriate corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence in the future.

Do you have a procedure for the control of your subcontractors in the manufacture of components of the approved valves and fire fighting products?

As non-conforming components or parts provided by subcontractors could significantly affect our product quality, we have a strict subcontractor management plan when working with them. We periodically determine and review the qualification of our subcontractors by different indicators, including whether subcontractors currently have recognized quality management system certification on file, whether they provide declaration of conformity that prove their products and manufacturing process are in conformity with the standards, strict incoming inspections and tests, periodic on-site audit carried out by our quality control department.

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Do you provide a guarantee of replacement of detective products?

We have reduced the product defect rate because we always complete a thorough inspection of our products before dispatch. If customers make a claim about defective products, we have a formalized process of managing it. The defective products and products from the same production process will be subject to inspection and confirmation of any suspected defects by our quality control department. A guarantee of replacement of detective products does not cover damage because of extreme heat or chemicals, misuse, improper handling or installation, and accidental damage.

Do you have calibrated test equipment to adequately perform the tests?

We have invested in the latest test equipment to ensure quality of fire fighting products and conformity with customer requirements. Our inspection instrumentation and test equipment are periodically calibrated by outside calibration laboratory so we are able to verify the precision and accuracy of measurement equipment and adequately perform the tests. We have strict process to record dates of the calibration service and track due dates for calibration.


Do you offer free sample?

Sorry, Free samples are not available for the high value of the goods. But after you place the OEM order, samples cost would be return.

What kind of payment do you accept?

Payment welcome T/T, L/C at sight

What is the main products of MAFCO?

UL FM fire fighting valves, fire fighting nozzles, fire fighting equipment for fire brigade, fire hose couplings and fire fittings.All the products are developed by our R&D department.

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