Are you searching for a reliable fire hydrant valves supplier?

Typically, fire hydrant valves are fitted on fire hydrants or wet riser systems. It is like hooking a facet on the fire hydrant so that firefighters can regulate the water flow out of the fire hydrant to prevent avoidable water wastage such as backflow, burst, miss shots etc. The importance of water is second to none on the fire scene.

Mafco fire hydrant valves are made of high-quality brass and gunmetal, which can be used as part of the inland in-building fire hydrant systems due to its high corrosion resistance and wide seaborne applications. Fire hydrants can also be integrated with the fire-fighting systems in vessels or offshore drilling rigs. We offer a wide choice of inlet/outlet products such as screws and flange types which fit most of the fire hydrants worldwide, especially those in Germany, the UK, and France. All our products have achieved international certifications approved by the US as well as Norway vessel approvals. To build up your confidence and loyalty, we also provide customers/clients with material verifications and all-out pre-shipment inspections.