Mafco offers a  wide range of dividing breechings and gated wyes that are made under strict quality control.

  • Material : aluminum alloy
  • Ball type shutoff wyes are designed for heavy duty use in rugged environments
  • Even at high pressure flows with less friction loss
  • Working pressure of 10bar
  • Factory Hydrostatic testing pressure of 20bar
  • Other international outlets are available:NH,Storz,BS type.
  • Each of our products will be tested and inspected thoroughly before the delivery
Product NameProduct No.SizeMaterial
Ball Type Wye (Machino)WYM602.5"Aluminum
Ball Type Wye (Machino)WYM612.5"*1.5"*1.5"Aluminum
Ball Type Wye (BS336)WYI602.5"Aluminum
Ball Type Wye (BS336)WYI614"Aluminum
Ball Type WyeWYP602.5"Aluminum

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