Selectable Gallonage Handline Nozzle For Fire Fighitng

The selectable gallonage fire hose nozzle is one of the most important firefighting gears, which connects the water pipe to put out fires just like a firefighters weapon.

It is the type of fire hose nozzle most commonly seen and extensively used in various fire departments. We provide products with a variety of water flows for our customers/clients. You can choose the nozzles you want. For those who have no idea what they should choose, this is your best choice (inlet sizes 1 inch/1.5 inch/2.5 inch available).
To satisfy special needs of certain customers, we have developed the jumbo-sized nozzle (2.75 inch) with the water flow up to 350GMP.

If you’re not sure which pattern of fire nozzle meet you requirement.

You can see this article in our blog What is the fire hose nozzle.

  • Material : Aluminum or Stainless Steel (SUS304)
  • SS Series nozzles are constant gallonage nozzles (flow remains the same in all patterns) with multiple flow settings for operator flow control.
  • 316 stainless steel turbine ensure corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Flush without shutting down
  • Meets NFPA1964 Standard
  • Combination of fog and straight stream
  • Provide with different sizes and types of end connections.
  • All the products will be tested before being packaged for shipment.

(the fm approved nozzle is with chu lie logo)

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    mafco fire nozzle
    selectalbe gallonage nozzles
    Product No.MaterialSizeFlow Settings (GPM)Flow Settings (LPM)
    S201Aluminum1 inch (25mm)Selectable 5-10-25-40@100psiSelectable 19-37-90-150@7bar
    S202Aluminum1 inch(25mm)Selectable 13-25-40-60@100psiSelectable 50-100-150-230@7bar
    S401Aluminum1.5 inch (38mm)Selectable 30-60-95-125@100psiSelectable 115-230-360-475@7bar
    S402Aluminum1.5 inch (38mm)Selectable 30-60-95-125-150@100psiSelectable 115-230-360-475-550@7bar
    S601Aluminum2.5 inch (65mm)Selectable 30-60-95-125-150-200@100psiSelectable 115-230-360-475-550-750@7bar
    S602Aluminum2.5 inch (65mm)Selectable 95-125-150-200@100psiSelectable 360-475-550-750@7bar
    S603Aluminum2.5 inch(65mm)Selectable 95-125-150-200-250@100psiSelectable 360-475-550-750-950@7bar