Shut-off ball valves are mainly used on fire trucks or connected with fire water monitors. Mafco offers a variety of shut-off ball valves, such as inlet ball valves, outlet ball valves and monitor ball valves. The handle on ball valves have a fixable device for operator’s safety concern.

  • Material :ductile iron
  • Accomodates a wide range of monitors
  • Improved sealing and increased gating ability
  • Special processing gasket at valve seat for smooth operation
  • Each of our products will be tested and inspected thoroughly before the delivery

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    Product NameProduct No.SizeMaterial
    Outlet Ball ValveBVO602.5" (65A)Ductile Iron
    Outlet Ball ValveBVI612.5" (65A)Ductile Iron
    Outlet Ball ValveBVO753" (75A)Ductile Iron
    Product NameProduct No.SizeMaterial
    Inlet Ball ValveBVI602.5"Ductile Iron

    Product NameProduct No.SizeMaterial
    Monitor Shut-off Ball ValveBVF602.5" (65A)Ductile Iron