Constant Gallonage Handline Nozzle for Fire Fighting

Mafco constant gallonage fire hose nozzle can produce fixed water sprays in either fog mode or jet mode due to a fixed outlet inside the nozzle, which helps maintain stable water flow regardless of the inlet pressure.

If you are not sure which pattern of fire nozzle meet you requirement.

You can see this article in our blog What is the fire hose nozzle.

  • Material : Aluminum or Stainless Steel (SUS304)
  • Constant Single flow
  • Flush without shutting down
  • Meets NFPA1964 Standard
  • All the products will be tested before being packaged for shipment.
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mafco fire hose nozzle
selectalbe gallonage nozzles
Product No.MaterialSizeFlow Settings (GPM)Flow Settings (LPM)
C221Aluminum1 inch (25mm)Fixed 13gpm@100psi or 75psiFixed 50lpm@7bar or 5bar
C222Aluminum1 inch (25mm)Fixed 25gpm@100psi or 75psiFixed 100lpm@7bar or 5bar
C223Aluminum1 inch (25mm)Fixed 40gpm@100psi or 75psiFixed 150lpm@7bar or 5bar
C224Aluminum1 inch(25mm)Fixed 60gpm@100psi or 75psiFixed 230lpm@7bar or 5bar
C421Aluminum1.5 inch(38mm)Fixed 95gpm@100psi or 75psi
Fixed 360lpm@7bar or 5bar
C422Aluminum1.5 inch(38mm)Fixed 125gpm@100psi or 75psiFixed 475lpm@7bar or 5bar
C423Aluminum1.5 inch(38mm)Fixed 150gpm@100psi or 75psiFixed 550lpm@7bar or 5bar
C621Aluminum2.5 inch (65mm)Fixed 175gpm@100psi or 75psiFixed 660lpm@7bar or 5bar
C622Aluminum2.5 inch (65mm)
Fixed 200gpm@100psi or 75psiFixed 750lpm@7bar or 5bar
C623Aluminum2.5 inch (65mm)
Fixed 250gpm@100psi or 75psi
Fixed 950lpm@7bar or 5bar