PRV High Pressure Reducing/Regulating Hydrant Landing Valve

The high pressure reducing hydrant landing valve (PRVs) we proudly produce are perfect for workplaces with heavy-duty machines, especially oil rigs, marine vessels, chemical plants, and buildings (rising mains).

The function of PRVs is to regulate the outlet pressure within certain range regardless of how high the inlet pressure is.


  • Gunmetal to BS1400 LG2
  • Nominal size: DN65
  • Handwheel material: Ductile Iron
  • The outlet pressure of the PRVs are set at 4.5 bar, which can be modulated manually in the range of 3 to 9 bars.
  • FM Approved, made with high quality materials, and corrosion free.
  • The inlet on an instantaneous valve can be either flanged or screwed.
  • Pressure rating: high pressure valve up to 20 bar
  • Strictly designed and constructed in accordance with BS5041 standard
  • Very low pressure loss even at high flow of 250 GPM.
  • Flange drilling complying with BS4504 Part 2 :1974 /Table 16/21
  • Dlievery hose connection complying with BS336:2010
  • With Plug and Chain
  • 100% quality inspection before shipping
  • Springs proven to withstand 50 thousand times of rebounds.
  • FM Approved 
  • DNV Approved
  • Please inform us which approval you want for PRVs when sending the inquiry.
  • Trade Mark: Chu Lie 

How do you modulate PRV’s outlet pressure value?

The PRV’s outlet pressure is usually set at 7 bar (standard value) when rolling off the product line.

Use a wrench to modulate the pressure by loosening / fastening the nut at the bottom.

(clockwise + : unclockwise – )

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    Product NameProduct No.SizeMaterial
    PRV Screwed Inlet High Pressure Regulating Landing ValveA25
    PRV Flanged Inlet High Pressure Regulating Landing ValveA25F