Norwegian Norlas Hose Adapters are plumbing fittings that allow fire hose couplings to be safety interconnected with couplings of varying sizes,threads or matching surface

  • Material :Brass / Bronze
  • Each of our products will be tested thoroughly before the delivery


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    Product NameProduct No.SizeThreadMaterial
    Norwegian Female AdapterWAF502"2"BSP(F)Brass/Bronze
    Norwegian Female AdapterWAF512"1.5"BSP(F)Brass/Bronze
    Norwegian Female AdapterWAF602.5"2"BSP(F)Brass/Bronze
    Norwegian Female AdapterWAF612.5"2.5"BSP(F)Brass/Bronze
    Norwegian Male AdapterWAM502"2"BSP(M)Brass/Bronze
    Norwegian Male AdapterWAM512.5"2"BSP(M)Brass/Bronze
    Norwegian Male AdapterWAM602.5"2.5"BSP(M)Brass/Bronze
    Norwegian Male AdapterWAM612.5"M72*2Brass/Bronze