Adapters are plumbing fittings that allow fire hose couplings to be safety interconnected with couplings of varying sizes,threads or matching surface

  • Material :Brass or Aluminum Alloy
  • Used to reduce or change threads
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    Product NameProduct No.SizeThreadMaterial
    Machino Female AdapterMAF401.5"1-1/4GAS(F)Brass
    Machino Female AdapterMAF411.5"2''BSP(F)Brass
    Machino Female AdapterMAF502"2''BSP(F)Brass
    Machino Female AdapterMAF512"1-1/4GAS(F)Brass
    Machino Female AdapterMAF602.5"2''BSP(F)Brass
    Machino Female AdapterMAF612.5"2.5''BSP(F)Brass
    Machino Female AdapterMAF622.5"PF(F)Brass
    Machino Female AdapterMAF632.5"1.5''GAS(F)Brass
    Machino Female AdapterMAF642.5"4(F)Brass
    Machino Male AdapterMAM411.5"1.5'NST(M)Aluminum
    Machino Male AdapterMAM602.5"1.5''NST(M)Brass
    Machino Male AdapterMAM612.5"1.5''GAS(M)Brass
    Machino Male AdapterMAM622.5"2.5''NST(M)Brass