DIN 86211 fire deck wash valves are mainly used for marine system.

  • Working pressure :16 bar
  • Testing pressure : 32 bar
  • Material : Bronze(LG2/RG10/RG5)
  • Conform to DIN 86211 standard
  • Mainly used for marine system
  • DIN 86211 Fire Deck Wash Valves are available with Storz connection as standard but are also available with a wide range of other connections.(e.g. nakajima, Instantaneous BS336..)
  • All the products will be tested before being packaged for shipment.

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    Product NameProduct No.SizeMaterial
    DN40 DIN Angle Hydrant ValveA1341.5"Bronze
    DN50 DIN Angle Hydrant ValveA1352"Bronze
    DN65 DIN Angle Hydrant ValveA1362.5"Bronze
    DN40 DIN Straight Hydrant ValveA3241.5"Bronze
    DN50 DIN Straight Hydrant ValveA3252"Bronze
    DN65 DIN Straight Hydrant ValveA3262.5"Bronze