FM approved BS5041 Straight / Horizontal Hydrant Landing Valves

  • Gunmetal to BS1400 LG2
  • Nominal size: DN65
  • Handwheel material: Ductile Iron
  • The inlet on an instantaneous valve can be either flanged or screwed.
  • Pressure rating: low pressure up to 15 bar
  • Strictly designed and constructed in accordance with BS5041 standard
  • The valves are suitable for both on-shore and off-shore applications
  • Flange drilling complying with BS4504 Part 2 :1974 /Table 16/21
  • Dlievery hose connection complying with BS336:2010
  • With Plug and Chain
  • All the products will be tested before being packaged for shipment.
  • FM Approved
  • DNV Approved
  • Trade Mark: Chu Lie
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    Product NameProduct No.SizeMaterial
    Oblique Landing Valve Screwed EndA212.5" DN65Bronze LG2
    Oblique Landig Valve Flanged InletA21F2.5" DN65Bronze LG2
    Right-Angle Landing Valve Screwed EndA222.5" DN65Bronze LG2
    Right-Angle Landing Valve Flanged InletA22F2.5" DN65Bronze LG2
    Bib-nose Landing Valve Screwed EndA232.5" DN65Bronze LG2
    Bib-nose Landing Valve Flanged InletA23F2.5" DN65Bronze LG2
    Straight Landing valve Screwed EndA242.5" DN65Bronze LG2
    Straight Landing Valve Flanged InletA24F2.5" DN65Bronze LG2