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The Birth Of FM Approved Fire Nozzle

We are delighted to announce that our nozzles received FM-approvals in 2020, among which are selectable gallonage nozzles, constant gallonage nozzles, and multiple purpose nozzles. Major differences among these three types of nozzles are described in detail as follows: It took us about a year of hard work to receive the certifications, but it’s worth…


How To Prevent Fire On Ship?

Fire on board ship is a common cause of shipwrecks. One of the reasons is that cargo ships may carry large amount of combustible or flammable substances such as natural gas and petroleum as well as other ignitable products. Therefore, suitable fire-fighting equipment is required to extinguish the fires at the earliest stage before they…


What Is a Globe Valve and When Is It Used?

A globe valve is a spherical shaped valve with a handwheel and internal baffle used for regulating water flow in a pipeline, which often causes higher pressure loss.  Multiple features and uses of different types of valves make it critical important for you to choose the one that suit you best. Some of the valves…


What is the Standpipe?

Andrew A. Fredericks, former FDNY firefighter and instructor, once told us clearly, “Standpipe systems are like a big black hole. You put water in one end and hope that water will come out the other end.”Thiscouldn’t be truer in reference to fire protection systems. Believe it or not, standpipes are probably one of the least…


How to Buy Best Fire Hose Nozzles?

One might be astonished to know the process of extinguishing a fire involves such extensive use of equipment and tools. Not only that, but you’ll also realize that some fires can be put out by a fire extinguisher while others need to be dealt with by calling the fire department. You must know what type…