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How to buy fire nozzles?

No one can deny that the nozzle is one of the most important firefighting tools; therefore, those used by the fire department should be selected carefully, tactically, and with professionalism. Think before you leap. You always make sure what kind of job you want to do with the nozzle before you decide what type of…


The Birth Of FM Approved Fire Nozzle

We are delighted to announce that our nozzles received FM-approvals in 2020, among which are selectable gallonage nozzles, constant gallonage nozzles, and multiple purpose nozzles. Major differences among these three types of nozzles are described in detail as follows: It took us about a year of hard work to receive the certifications, but it’s worth…



Fire hoses is believed to be invented in the Netherlands in the late 16th century, which were nothing more than long tubes made from hundreds of strips of leather sewn together. While such cowhide tubes were bulky and unwieldy, they certainly outperformed the bucket brigades used earlier. Leather hoses, which came in various forms, had…