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A guide to fire hose couplings

Speaking of the fire hose products, people may not know the differences of hose threading between NH (NST), NPT, and NPSH (IPT), especially for those not familiar with couplings and threading. Ignorance about these differences results in mismatched parts, leading to waste of money, time, and energy, let along frustration. To match up fire hose…


What is automatic nozzle?

Clyde McMillan, founder of Task Force Tips (TFT) allegedly designed the first automatic nozzle on a napkin in 1968 and constructed it in his basement in 1971. Clyde McMillan was the chief of the Gary (IN) Fire Task Force, a volunteer fire company established to provide professional assistance for the municipal fire department in Gary,…


Can Fire Nozzles be used with foams?

As compared to other firefighting agents, water is considered the most common and best due to its plentifulness and inexpensiveness of resources. Many believe that water is also an effective means of combating heat and flame in fire zones. Despite all the advantages, water does have its limitations, too. For instance, in many areas water…


How to operate the nozzle properly?

Ever since the advent of the pistol-grip nozzles, almost all firefighters, from new recruits or seasoned veterans, have been found holding the nozzle like cowboys or pistol shooters holding the gun while directing the stream of water. Anyone holding a pistol-grip nozzle in this fashion is in fact considered having poor and sloppy nozzle handling…