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How Does A Fire Hose Nozzle Work?

How does a fire nozzle work? Our previous article gave a brief overview of the Halligan bar, the tools of firefighters’ trade for forcible entry. Now we’ll take a quick look at an indispensable gear used after the doors are breached — the fire nozzle. Firefighters will typically have to carry approximately 45 kg of…


Pros and cons of the Halligan bar

Pros and cons of the Halligan bar Much has been written in the previous article on the forcible entry tool called the Halligan bar, so now we will be presenting a comprehensive summary of advantages and disadvantages of the Halligan. Here the term “forcible entry” is defined as an act of gaining entry into a…


The Role of the Angle hose valve in the System

The Role of the Angle hose valve in the System Now in this article, we’d like to take a closer look at a special kind of valve called “angle hose valve”, which is different from the general-purpose valves. Not only that, we’ll further discuss these specific valves’ construction, manufacturing standards, and their various application suitability,…


What are Halligan bars ?

What are Halligan bars ? That Halligan bars are the most preferable tools widely used in the fire service is a common knowledge. Named after a New York Fire Department First Deputy Chief Hugh Halligan in 1948, the Halligan bar serves as a multipurpose tool that firefighters use to pry, twist, punch, or strike in…


What is Fire Hydrant? How Do Fire Hydrant Work?

What is fire hydrant? Many of us have the experience of hearing loud horns honking and shrieking of sirens when fire trucks rushed to tackle a blaze. The fire trucks pass by and respond to a nearby office building caught on fire with giant plumes of smoke. You might start wondering how firefighters do their…


Handline Nozzle Maintenance Tips

Handline Nozzle maintenance tips Handline Nozzles, like other pieces of fire truck equipment, are the key firefighting components that require regular inspections and maintenance, before and after use, to keep them in perfect condition. Make sure that the inside and outside of the nozzles are clean and dry before storing them.   Why the maintenance…