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The Birth Of FM Approved Fire Nozzle

We are delighted to announce that our nozzles received FM-approvals in 2020, among which are selectable gallonage nozzles, constant gallonage nozzles, and multiple purpose nozzles. Major differences among these three types of nozzles are described in detail as follows: It took us about a year of hard work to receive the certifications, but it’s worth…


How to Buy Best Fire Hose Nozzles?

One might be astonished to know the process of extinguishing a fire involves such extensive use of equipment and tools. Not only that, but you’ll also realize that some fires can be put out by a fire extinguisher while others need to be dealt with by calling the fire department. You must know what type…


How to use the Instantaneous IBC couplings?

BS336 “instantaneous”fire hose couplings are used by UK fire brigades and other related departments as the standard low pressure fire hose fitting. In addition, some utility companies and contractors that obtain water from mains hydrants also use them. This type of fittings is available in aluminum (for freshwater systems) and gunmetal (for salt water). When…


What is a hose coupling?

It is quite reasonable to assume that most people who do not know what a hose coupling is are highly likely to have seen or used one already. Therefore, it makes us wonder what on earth a hose coupling is. Let’s first talk about this interesting issue in detail. To begin with, a hose coupling…


What is the Fire Department Connection (FDC)? How to replace it?

Choosing a replacement fire department connection (FDC): frequently asked questions Is FDC replacement a big headache for most purchasers due to fire protection jargons and misconceptions? The fire department connection, aka FDC or “Siamese connection,” is a device designed to delivers water to fire sprinklers and standpipe systems. Interestingly, many buyers, including some of our…


How to calculate and overcome friction loss

Friction loss can be calculated by theoretical or the fire ground method, and we are focusing on the latter. The pump operator’s job is to provide as much as water flow for the fire attack crew so that the fire can be put out successfully. As a matter of fact, the pump operator does more…