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6 Tips to Select the Right Handline Nozzle

6 Tips to select the right handline nozzle. Different kinds of nozzles have been discussed in our previous article, and now we’ll be talking about how to choose the right nozzles that suit you best Six tips on how to choose the right nozzles The amount of water flow you need Nozzle alone cannot eject…


What is the handline Nozzle?

What is the handline Nozzle? Handline nozzles are one of the most important fire fighting gears for the firefighters to put out fires. A handline nozzle is connected to the fire hose that provides water flow to extinguish fires. The quality of the handline nozzle that you choose ensures effective fire extinguishing and better water…


5 Tips to Select the Right Fire Hydrant Valves

5 Tips to Select the Right Fire Hydrant Valves It is absolutely essential to have a fire hydrant functioning properly when it’s needed. For the most part, a fire hydrant may not see any critical use in its lifetime, but in the event of a fire within the area, if the fire hydrant valves are…


Why Use Alarm Check Valves In a Sprinkler System?

Why Use Alarm Check Valves in a Sprinkler System? There are numerous check valves and other components in a wet sprinkler system. It’s important in any sprinkler system that is specifically used for fire suppression to have alarm check valves throughout. Contrary to some common misconceptions, alarm check valves are not intended to be used…


BSI approved landing valves

We’re glad to announce all-series of MAFCO landing valves have obtained BS5041 part1 and part2 approvals from BSI. (The British Standards Institution)   A22F-PN16 Flanged Inlet Right-Angle Landing Valves A24F-PN16 Flanged Inlet Horizontal Landing Valves A21F-PN16 Flanged Inlet Bib-nosed Landing Valves A23F-PN16 Flanged Inlet Oblique Landing Valves A22-2.5” Screwed BSPT Inlet Right-Angle Landing Valves A24-2.5” Screwed…


How to connect fire hose couplings?

How to connect fire hose couplings? Hose couplings are used to connect one hose to another and increase overall length of a fire hose. They are attached to each end of a length of fire hose. Hose couplings are also used to connect hose to appliances like hydrants, wyes, and Siamese connections. A variety of…