Who we are

Mafco has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing fire fighting equipment and emergency response products. We have manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and we are specialists in fire and safety products for different industries, including marine, fire fighting vehicles, and construction. Given many years of development, we not only have broadened the product line but also have developed our capability to meet our client’s specific requirements and offer products or services that give added value.

Mafco has evolved the strategies in order to achieve its business mission goals. The most important purpose of the company is to ensure that our products have excellent quality and performance. Thus, we employed the precision CNC machine and the latest testing equipment to improve dimensional accuracy and quality management. Moreover, Mafco strives to build a long-term relationship with our customers. We pay attention to our customers at all times, respond quickly and effectively to our customers, and offer our customers sets of services tailored to their needs.

Mafco keeps the focus on innovative design and manufacturing in order to offer our products suitable for unique applications, to make our products stand out on the market, and to simplify the production processes and therefore offer customers competitive price. Mafco also has talented individuals possessing the skills that make its products and services premium. Those are the reasons why Mafco always know the optimal, effective solutions for every application.

What we do

We specialize in designing and developing innovative fire protection products, fire vehicle equipment and marine fire protection products.

Products include:

We are good at

Innovation 70%
Design 80%
R&D 85%
Testing 100%
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